Interview with Mark White from Spin Doctors

Mark White is currently the bassist of Spin Doctors. In the 1990’s Spin Doctors had two hits on Billboard’s top 100: Two Princes and Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong. With a unique sound and vision, they released music that remains popular and fun to listen to. BackTrack Music asked Mark a few questions about his journey as an artist, here is what he said:

Backtrack: How did you decide to become a professional musician?

Mark: I suck at working 9 to 5 so it was this or death.
Backtrack: How did you develop your sound?
Mark: With a live band your sound is based off the people in the band when they are free to do whatever they want. Most live bands are the result of blind luck or somebody picking each person by hand.
Backtrack: How did you find the right label and manager?
Mark: We actually didn’t find them, they found us and you can  never know if it’s the right one until a lot of time has passed. Basically you just hope for the best when you decide to work with other people.
Backtrack: If you had to start your career over today, what would you do differently?
Mark: Not take a single vacation, never say no to any gigs and go everywhere they want me to go.
Backtrack: What is your opinion on streaming services, and do you feel as though they are a viable platform for emerging artists to distribute their music?
Mark: Streaming is really just the radio on the internet without the DJ controlling everything. It’s good for new artists who want exposure and it might be bad for old artists who might not be getting paid, I suppose the jury is still out on that.
Backtrack: With such a unique sound, how were you able to find your target audience?
Mark: Your sound finds your audience, you don’t really look for them, at least back in those days, today you can do that by labeling yourself online and people looking for that type of music will find you.
Backtrack: Do you believe that new technology will allow for more opportunities for emerging artists such as finding a manager, booking shows, getting signed, and finding the right audience?
Mark: Well it will allow people on one side of the world to find somebody on the other side without having to leave their house. Do a good job on Youtube, get some buzz and anything can happen.
Backtrack: What is the most useful advice you can give to aspiring, unsigned musicians?
Mark: The key to success is song writing. You can be the best musician you can be, but if you write songs that people love, that will take care of you for life.